Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random musings on a Sunday evening...

-This is kinda weird. This is the first time I've ever been suspended from something or put on probation from anything. After my little tirades on Thursday and Friday, I probably deserve it. But, at the same time, the punishment was a bit harsh, in my opinion. If I get thrown out, any other coach gets thrown out, or any players get tossed for the rest of the year, I'm pretty much gone. If anyone has a video of either ejection, it'd be great YouTube material. I lit into both pretty well.

-For those "prayer warriors," I certainly need it. I'm still looking for God's plans for me. I know He has something cooked up, but I sure would like to know what those might happen to be. I hate being a recent college grad, with absolutely nothing lined up. The job market, especially in teaching, sucks. It doesn't seem to be hurting my friends, but most of them don't appear to be wanting to teach, either. I know there's not a quick answer, but pray for patience and guidance.

-How awkward was the beginning of Jim's message at church this morning? However, anyone who drops a joke about "doggy" in regards to sex in the middle of a sermon earns man points in my book.

-Coaching a team who is 1-6 on the year stinks. The players are playing their hearts out. Maybe the coach is screwing it up? (see above)

-How awesome are our teens at The 706? I love the students who spend hours during the summer at the House of God, when they could be swimming at the lake or hanging out by the pool. I just think that's stinkin' awesome. This Wednesday looks to be exciting, as I know Andy has something great lined up (hope he has a video, as I have a stupid game to coach at Gainesville...I'll be hoping for rain).

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  1. actually i'm speaking next wednesday, but i'll do my best to get someone to video it.